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Find Real Estate Agents in Zambia

Zambia is a beautiful country with varied wildlife and abundant natural wonders, including the magnificent Victoria Falls and Zambezi River. Zambia is sparsely populated, with most of the country’s population living in the capital of Lusaka, the mineral-rich Copper-belt region, or in Livingstone, the second-largest city and a popular tourist hub. Those who are unwilling to give up some of their modern luxuries and necessities may struggle to adjust to living in Zambia. Many Zambians still struggle below the poverty line, and while the Zambian government is attempting to diversify its economy, most of its income is still generated through copper mining and tourism. Agriculture is another major sector. As a result, few expats move to Zambia for casual or services-based work, with most having been placed by international companies and organisations. Here we have listed real estate agents for rental apartments, houses and villa’s or condo’s. Select your local real estate agent in Zambia here with