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Are you moving to Kansas City, Missouri? Located at the heart of America, Kansas City is a major metropolitan city that straddles the Kansas-Missouri borders. It’s home to a diverse population of more than 2 million people and boasts for its delicious barbecue, jazz heritage and numerous admiring fountains.

Expats are spoilt for property choices in Kansas City. The city offers various neighbourhoods in urban and suburban communities and plenty of nice apartments to choose from. Some of the notable areas among expats include the River Market and Westside.

Public transport is not very efficient and reliable in Kansas City, that’s why almost everyone drives to get around the city. On the bright side, the traffic is light, and parking is easy to find compared to other metropolitan cities. The city offers buses, shared bike rides, and free streetcar options.

The low cost of living is one of the top reasons many people move to Kansas City. In fact, this city has one of the lowest costs of living in the US. The housing is relatively affordable compared to other cities. The transportation, food and entertainment are reasonable as well.

So, where to live in Kasas City?
Kansas City offers a nice mixture of urban and suburban communities from which to choose. You can easily find an area of Kansas City that will make you feel like you belong immediately. A few of the more notable areas to think about living in if you’re moving to Kansas City are listed below.

  1. River Market Located just south of the Missouri River, you'll find River Market, a riverfront neighborhood that was the first incorporated district in Kansas City. It has gone through several names over the years such as Westport Landing, the City Market, and River Quay. River Market is home to the Midwest’s largest Farmer’s Market and a neighborhood booming with young professionals who enjoy that everything is within walking distance. This neighborhood is mostly made up of couples in their late 20s and early 30s.

  2. Westside Cottage Living magazine named Westside one of the country’s top 10 neighborhoods in 2008. Westside has become extremely multiracial and multicultural, resulting in one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods with an age group of the late 20s and 30s.

  3. The Country Club Plaza In the Country Club Plaza, the architecture is beautiful, comprised of Spanish influences, fountains, hand-painted mosaic tiles, and custom ironwork. You will find most homes located on the outskirts of the shopping areas. The home types vary between different kinds such as condominiums, apartments, and single-family homes. Some of these homes are refurbished and modern, while others have an almost antique vibe. The population here is mostly educated people in their 30s with a mixture of singles and couples without children.

  4. Westport Westport lies north of The Country Club Plaza and is well-known for being one of Kansas City’s oldest entertainment and shopping districts. The history of Westport is interesting since it used to be an outpost along the historic Santa Fe Trail. In this residential area, you'll find both longtime residents and a younger crowd who prefers a quieter place to live. Westport residents range in age; the average is approximately 34, and a small are number are married with children.

  5. Brookside Brookside is home to Kansas City’s first suburban shopping area, and it is home to approximately 110,00 residents. Brookside is home to mostly high school graduates, and three-quarters of adult residents have college degrees. The median household income around $100 K. The type of people who live here enjoy an older home with shopping within walking distance. Shopping includes a grocery store, markets, restaurants, cool shops, and coffeehouses. It even hosts the Brookside Art Fair, and an Annual St. Patrick's Day Warm-up Parade.

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