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Moving to the USA or just relocating from one state to another in the USA? The USA is the most popular expat destination. This North-American country attracts expats from all over the world with its amazing landscapes, international corporations, universities, and the opportunity to succeed in each of the 33 States. Professionals, expat families, retired people and foreign students can live in the USA and have a unique experience. Choosing a place to live in the USA: The rental price is most likely the biggest deciding factor when considering a place to live. As a general rule, the cost and competition for housing will increase along with the size and density of a city. When determining your housing budget, it's recommended that you aim to spend only 33% of your salary on accommodation, though in some markets it may be necessary to spend up to 55%. This is an important factor because a property owner will use these figures to determine if you have the financial means to afford a rental property and therefore if you're a good rental candidate. Buying property in the United States: Buying a home in the US has its benefits. Buying land or property provides tax benefits, it’s a good investment, and will improve your credit rating. Whether this is possible for expats is based on residency status as well as income. Technically, there is no visa requirement for foreign nationals who want to buy a home in the US. The United States welcomes foreign investment as long as it can be proven that funds are from legitimate sources. So, if you either want to rent or buy property in the USA, make sure you are represented by a local real estate agent a.k.a. realtor or property agent who will represent you and gets the best deal for you. Its tempting to do it yourself with all these property portals out there, but only a local estate agent knows his city like the back of his/her hand. Your search for real estate agents or realtors or property agents in USA starts here with