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Are you moving to Greater London and looking for a property for your relocation as an expat? With a fast-moving market and a shortage in demand for houses and flats for sale or rent in London, finding property in London can take some time. London is a vast, densely populated metropolis which has accommodation options to suit every expat’s budget, lifestyle and family situation. Today, London is no longer considered to be among the world's most expensive cities for expats, the cost of accommodation remains high though in the capital of the United Kingdom. Expats moving to London with a family will need to look at areas far away from the central business district if they want a more spacious property with a garden at an affordable rent. Prices typically become considerably cheaper and bigger the further one moves from the center. In addition to budgets constraints, expats should think carefully about commuting time, proximity to supermarkets and what sort of property they would like to live in when choosing an area or suburb of London to live in. At housing agent we have various estate agents listed, as well relocation agencies in London to help you out. For either renting or buying property in London make sure you have a local real estate professional at your side. We cannot emphasize enough that using a local real estate agent is a must. Your search for a local real estate agent in London that might even speak your language starts here on