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Moving within or to the United Kingdom for new opportunities? Thanks to its open and flexible labor market, England is the ideal destination for your expatriation. Whether it is for your study, work or just to live. Both the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are a constitutional monarchy. The whole territory consists of four countries, namely Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom has a prosperous and developed economy along with a rich history and uniquely diverse culture. Here on you can find profiles of estate agents or letting agents who work at renowned housing agencies anywhere in the UK. We also list profiles of relocation companies, moving companies and any one else that is active in the global mobility for expatriates. As an expat moving to Great Britain it can be hard to look for housing and to rent or buy a house, flat or apartment. If you are relocating to Great Britain or Northern Ireland, you need to find accommodation soon. Renting in the UK is the most convenient option for expats, especially short-term residents. Where you settle in the United Kingdom obviously depends on your reason for relocating. Most foreign residents move to a handful of cities. We list some of these popular destinations and their estate agents below: from Greater London, to Manchester, and Glasgow to Edinburgh. You might have guessed that London attracts many expatriates from all over the world every year. If you’re thinking about living there, research the different areas and boroughs thoroughly to find the right one for you and then chose your matching agent or agency. So, if you are searching for an estate agent or letting agent in the city of your choosing then your search for real estate agents or property agents in United Kingdom starts here with