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Are you moving to Sousse in Tunisia? Third largest city of Tunisia, Sousse may be your next expat destination. The "Pearl of the Sahel" indeed offers a great environment to settle in, with its climate, beachfront and activities. With an economy mainly based on the tourism sector, expatriates looking for career prospects can also find jobs in the industry or port sectors.

Living in Sousse

The capital of the Sousse Governorate, Tunisia, Sousse is located on the Gulf of Hammamet, a part of the Mediterranean Sea. With a history dating back to Roman years, Sousse is a fascinating city which is known by its nickname ‘the Pearl of Sahel’. The city is a popular tourist destination and is the third largest in the country. Expats living in Sousse will be able to take in the city’s many attractions such as the Great Mosque, built in simple Aghlabite style which dates back to 850, whilst other popular sites include the Medina, the old city, which is surrounded by the city walls. The Medina is also where a number of souks are located and which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. The city has a bustling nightlife with many clubs, bars and restaurants and expats in Sousse will also find opportunities for shopping and leisure as well as all water sports.

Moving to Sousse

Expats moving to Sousse will find that the city has a low cost of living compared to other cities in the country, and much lower than comparable cities on the Mediterranean found in other countries. The city is a popular destination with tourists because of its many beaches as well as the weather, which tends to be warm throughout the year, with a hotter period in the summer months. Expats relocating to Sousse will find a number of transport options available including trains and buses for exploring the rest of Tunisia, with regular services to the capital Tunis. The nearest airport, the Monastir – Habib Bourguiba International Airport, is approximately 20 minutes away from the city. Be warned, however: landlords in Sousse are not shy about using aggressive sales tactics to push you into signing your contract as soon as possible. That is why you should hire a local real estate agent.

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