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Dimitry Jansen

CEO and Agent @ JLG Real Estate

Sarphatipark 42 bg, 1073 CZ Amsterdam

Noor Schouten

Agent @ Koops Expat Services

Mr. G. Groen van Prinstererlaan 89 A, 1181 TR Amstelveen

Lia Plat

Consultant @ The Relocation Company

De klugt 8 , 2141 AS Vijfhuizen

Remco Panman

Certified Expat Broker @ PRO Makelaars

Lomanstraat 53 hs, 1075 PV Amsterdam

Robbert Poel

Real Estate Agent @ Amstelland Makelaars

Prinsengracht 750, 1017 LD Amsterdam

Jean-Paul Vredevoort

Founder / CEO @ Furniture4rent Nederland

P. Hans Frankfurthersingel 296, 1060 TR Amsterdam

Anita Makkinje

Founder and Agent @ I AM REAL ESTATE

Herengracht 416, 1017 BZ Amsterdam

Chiel Versteege

Financial Adviser @ FVB De Boer

Johannes Verhulststraat 163 h , 1075 GX Amsterdam

Niek Knibbe

Partner @ The Relocation Company

De Klugt 8, 2141 AS Vijfhuizen

Peter Bloemsma

Relationship Manager @ The Relocation Company

De Klugt 8, 2141 AS Vijfhuizen

Hein Voortman

Real Estate Agent @ Smit and Heinen

Van Woustraat 161, 1074 AK Amsterdam

Marsha Roeleveld

Inside Sales @ Smit and Heinen

Van Woustraat 161, 1074 AK Amsterdam

Arno Fransen

Broker & Appraiser @ Smit and Heinen

Van Woustraat 161, 1074 AK Amsterdam

Inger Smit

Broker and Director @ Smit and Heinen

Van Woustraat 161 , 1074 AK Amsterdam

George Kloprogge

Broker and Appraiser @ Smit and Heinen

van Woustraat 161, 1074AK Amsterdam

Sven Heinen

Broker and Director @ Smit and Heinen

Van Woustraat 161, 1074 AK Amsterdam

Arnout J. Punt

CEO and Mortgage Adviser @ Pro Finance

Middenweg 344, 1097TZ Amsterdam

Alex Veltman

Office Manager @ Koops Rental Agency Haarlem

Gedempte Oude Gracht 152A, 2011GX Haarlem

Bunq Bank

Bunq Bank

Naritaweg 131-133, 1043 BS Amsterdam

Ruud Smit

Your Expat Broker @ Makelaarshuis

Surinamestraat 2, 1058 GK Amsterdam

Anna Besançon

Rental Agent @ Urban Homies

Fannius Scholtenstraat 67, 1051 EV Amsterdam

Crown Relocations

Move Manager @ Crown Relocations

Gyroscoopweg 19, 1042 AC Amsterdam

Real estate agencies in Zaandam and real estate agents in Zaandam. Real estate agency Zaandam. Are you moving to Zaanstad or Zaandam as an expat? This is a quiet commuter town outside Amsterdam, and Zaanstad is full of pretty streets and houses with gardens. Zaandam at a glance: 12 kilometers north-west of Amsterdam center, affordable housing compared to Amsterdam, easy commuting, lots of recreation, small town. Zaandam is situated near the Zaan, and is a city which is known for many years now for its timber. Zaandam is part of the municipality Zaanstad and has 72.951 inhabitants. Zaandam is an old city, it has many monumental attractions where tourists come annually to visit these. The Zaanse schans deserves a special note because it an absolute top attraction for the whole of The Netherlands. If you want further information on Zaandam, then you can get help on the site of municipality Zaandam. It is highly recommended to have a professional at your side during your search for an apartment or house for rent or to buy in Zaandam. The market is complicated and contracts are in Dutch and the variety in contracts make it complicated. If you are looking for professional support, our real estate agents Zaandam page is very useful. On this page, all Zaandam real estate agents with a Housing Agent premium membership are listed. All listed agents and agencies have passed our high quality criteria. We have selected all these agents ourselves and we guarantee their level of professionalism. does not allow poor quality real estate agents or agencies on its website. For renting or buying property in Zaandam make sure you have a local real estate professional at your side. We cannot emphasize enough that using a local real estate agent is a must. Your search for a local real estate agency in Zaandam that might even speak your language starts here on