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Real estate agencies in The Hague and real estate agents in The Hague. Real estate agency The Hague. Moving and relocating to The Hague as an expat? Referred to as Den Haag by the Dutch, The Hague hosts the Dutch Parliament, UN International Court of Justice, embassies and the Royal office. When moving to The Hague, you can choose between eight districts in the city. You will also need to know where the eight district offices are, that’s where you take care of various administrative issues. To find a real estate agency in The Hague you have landed on the right page. Here are some neighborhoods to chose from: Center: This district is home to the Old Center, the historical center of The Hague. The oldest part of the city, with its 17th-century Renaissance buildings. Do know, as the city’s second-largest district, the center includes another eight neighborhoods, with a wide range from low-income housing to affluent residential areas. Escamp: Built after World War II, Escamp has grown into The Hague’s most populous district. Two of the city’s largest and most popular recreational areas, Zuiderpark and De Uithof, are located here. Haagse Hout: This is one of the greenest districts in The Hague, featuring an urban public forest. Moreover, Haagse Hout is home to some of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods, especially Benoordenhout and Mariahoeve and Marlot, with villas, mansions, and sports clubs. Laak: Less than 10% of the population live in The Hague’s smallest district. Leidschenveen-Ypenburg: Technically the youngest part of the city, this district only became part of The Hague in 2002. It almost feels like a separate town of its own as it is barely connected to the rest of The Hague by a narrow tract of land. This area could be of interest to expats with kids. The British International School has a campus here. Loosduinen: This former village still features a charming Dutch windmill as its local landmark. Expat families may be more interested in the fact that it is home to an international school. Scheveningen: This green district, particularly the seaside resort with its famous beachfront, is quite the tourist hotspot and has an international feel. Segbroek: Another young part of The Hague, this district is divided into five neighborhoods.It is highly recommended to have a professional at your side during your search for an apartment or house for rent or to buy in The Hague. The market is complicated and contracts are in Dutch and the variety in contracts make it complicated. If you are looking for professional support, our real estate agents The Hague page is very useful. On this page, all The Hague real estate agents with a Housing Agent premium membership are listed. All listed agents and agencies have passed our high quality criteria. We have selected all these agents ourselves and we guarantee their level of professionalism. does not allow poor quality real estate agents or agencies on its website. For renting or buying property in The Hague make sure you have a local real estate professional at your side. Your search for a local real estate agency in The Hague that might even speak your language starts here on