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Real estate agencies in Maastricht and real estate agents in Maastricht. Real estate agency Maastricht. Moving to Maastricht? Maastricht is known for its historical properties, a real attraction for accommodation seekers. Agents know the real estate market of Maastricht as no other. Maastricht, located in the province of Limburg, has an attractive city centre where many historic buildings are located. The shopping centre is amazing. If you are interested in apartments for rent in Maastricht then this agent portal is the perfect site for you guarantee that you will succeed in finding a rental apartment in Maastricht or even buy a house in Maastricht. It is highly recommended to have a professional at your side during your search for an apartment or house for rent or to buy in Maastricht. The market is complicated and contracts are in Dutch and the variety in contracts make it complicated. If you are looking for professional support, our real estate agents Maastricht page is very useful. On this page, all Maastricht real estate agents with a Housing Agent premium membership are listed. All listed agents and agencies have passed our high quality criteria. We have selected all these agents ourselves and we guarantee their level of professionalism. does not allow poor quality real estate agents or agencies on its website. For renting or buying property in Maastricht make sure you have a local real estate professional at your side. We cannot emphasize enough that using a local real estate agent is a must. Your search for a local real estate agency in Maastricht that might even speak your language starts here on