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Real estate agencies in Amstelveen and real estate agents in Amstelveen. Real estate agency Amstelveen. Moving and relocating to Amstelveen as an expat? Just minutes away from Amsterdam, Amstelveen is the place to live for young families and expats. As a suburb of Amsterdam, prices are a bit cheaper than in the center and there’s more family-style housing with gardens. There are many green areas, excellent shopping and local amenities, particularly for sports activities. The extra space means parking is not a problem (yet) and many homes have a garage. Where to live? Het Oude Dorp, means, ‘The Old Village’ is the historic hub of the original settlement with the Amsterdamse Bos to the west side and the town center to the east. There’s a mix of older detached houses, farms, terraced houses, and apartments. Westwijk: Westwijk is a newly built area of Amstelveen, which is more modern and spacious and lined with small canals. The one central shopping zone in the center of the neighborhood preserves the feeling of a residential area. Larger detached family homes and villas are available here. These are premium properties, so expect to pay a premium price. Amstelveen’s excellent public transport makes travelling easy, while the motorway links are also very good. Amstelveen is located in the province of Noord Holland. Its good location, nearby big cities and the countryside, makes renting an apartment in Amstelveen an attractive option. Amstelveen is a diverse and vivid city which is ambitious and ever growing. The mix of offices and rental homes and the recreational facilities make it the ideal place for expats. It is highly recommended to have a professional at your side during your search for an apartment or house for rent or to buy in Amstelveen. The market is complicated and contracts are in Dutch and the variety in contracts make it complicated. If you are looking for professional support, our real estate agents Amstelveen page is very useful. On this page, all Amstelveen real estate agents with a Housing Agent premium membership are listed. All listed agents and agencies have passed our high quality criteria. We have selected all these agents ourselves and we guarantee their level of professionalism. does not allow poor quality real estate agents or agencies on its website. Your search for a local real estate agency in Amstelveen that might even speak your language starts here on