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Moving to the Netherlands? If you are looking forward to move to a European country, maybe for work, study or retire, why not choose the Netherlands? The Netherlands, which literally means Low Countries or Lage Landen, is known for its tolerance. By moving there, you will be mingling with one of the world's happiest nations and happy citizens. Thanks to its developed economy, which is one of the best in Europe, it also provides many opportunities to expatriates. In The Netherlands there is the 30% ruling for expats. This is a tax benefit. Do read about this 30% ruling to see if you can apply for it. The Netherlands is a small country and densely populated, but there is much more to do and discover across its various cities and towns. It’s true that Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague get a lot of visitors each year, but there are still plenty of stunning places that are unspoiled and undiscovered. Thanks to the country’s diverse and liberal society, expats rarely have difficulties adjusting to life in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a place to live in the Netherlands? This business directory will help you find an accommodation and services linked to real estate agents and relocation agencies in the Netherlands. As an expat moving to Holland it is hard to look for housing whether it is to buy or rent a house. Here you can find top Dutch real estate agents and the best relocation agencies and moving companies in all major cities in The Netherlands. Your search starts here with housing agent the Netherlands at More information about The Netherlands in the blog section.