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Charles Kruip


CEO and co-founder @ The Digital Concierge

The Digital Concierge

Oudeschans 35, 1011 KT Amsterdam


We help relocators, short stay, non-concierged apartments, property managers, owners and corporates by means of an affordable app. With our app you make expats feel at home and secure in their new house and the area, with the personal tips and recommendations and "need-to-knows" about the area. Even before expats arrive. The app works worldwide and works fully offline, making it also a great solution in areas with no or limited internet connection.

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I can help you with…

Serviced Apartments

I help…

Expatriates, Freelancer / Business owners, Landlord / Property owners, Local residents

I speak…

English, Chinese-Mandarin , Dutch, French, German

How we work - fees & commission

The Digital Concierge is subscription based and free for expats. The subscription is €5,- per accommodation/month (with a minimum of €120 per year). Content is fully personal and can be changed at any time by our easy online content manager.

Registration is free. No payment details requested.
30 days fully free trial, no obligations. Try it out or connect with us for more information.

We also offer White Label solutions you can have your own app in the App Store and GooglePlay under your own name.