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Let’s make your move to Switzerland a success. Switzerland is a top destination of tens of thousands of expatriates worldwide. Famous for its chocolate and its natural landscapes, Switzerland is a land of opportunities. People are multi-lingual and it is multi-cultural and has multiple border. Switzerland is a stable and prosperous economy, it is one of Europe's richest countries, hosting many multinational companies. It provides attractive wages and an unparalleled quality of life to expatriates. The country is always top ranked for happiness and quality of life among expats. If you have just moved to Switzerland and about to start a lease, do not assume it’s the same as everywhere. There are details in Swiss tenancy law which most expats ignore. Swiss law on tenancy is a federal law, which means it applies to rentals all over Switzerland. The procedural laws for tenancy matters are also identical under the Swiss federal code of civil procedure. However, the official forms used for informing a tenant of the amount of rent due, increasing the rent, terminating the lease vary from one canton to the other. To avoid all this it is advised that you get the help of a professional real estate agent or relocation agent in the city where you are moving to. A real estate agency or a relocation agency can also help you find the most suitable accommodation according to your family situation and your budget. Finally, a temporary house may be your answer until you sort things out. As it can be complicated. Most leases in Switzerland are for one year and will need to be extended after that. If you want to move, you most likely need to give a 3 months’ notice via e-mail to your landlord or, if you wish to leave sooner than that, find a replacement tenant yourself. Some people prefer becoming a homeowner once they settle. Often, people buy real estate in their home country. But for expats who have long-term plans of staying in a foreign country, the idea of purchasing real estate in their country of residence may be appealing. However, there are some restrictions on home-ownership by foreigners in Switzerland. Your start to find a local real estate agent that speaks your language is here at