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Moving to Suriname? If you are looking for an escape in an authentic destination, far from development and modernism, Suriname is the ideal place to be. With its multi ethnic population and its blend of cultures and ancient traditions, it offers a pleasant quality of life to expatriates wishing to settle there. The region's economy is based primarily on the mineral and energy sectors. The capital of the country is Paramaribo, a city that has also been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its authentically colonial architecture. The city offers a broad range of activities for expats with busy shopping streets, restaurants and nightlife. Just a few hours away from the capital, you will find dense untouched jungle and wide rivers providing an efficient way of getting around. There are plenty of options for you when searching for accommodation, from brand-new, modern apartments to more traditional houses. Housing can range from a studio apartment to a traditional villa. It is helpful to work out your budget and what size of accommodation is required well in advance so that your agent knows what to do. Paramaribo is very affordable, and being a small city, it is easy to get around. It is possible to travel around the city on foot or by bicycle, so expats can choose from properties in various boroughs. To put more emphasis on using a local real estate agent or relocation adviser, your search for a local real estate agent in Suriname and in Paramaribo that might even speak your language starts here on