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Moving to Spain? Spain is one of the European Union's biggest economies, the country is a very popular destination for expatriation, and yes, also with retirees. Living in Spain has many attractions, but is not without its challenges. Life on the Iberian Peninsula will indeed be more laid back once you have gotten used to expat life. With over 6,000 kilometers of beaches, Spain is one of Europe’s favorite vacation spots. No wonder that moving to Spain puts every expat in a good mood. For expats, it can be quite challenging to buy a house or apartment in Spain. With the language barrier and unknown legal challenges, you might need some local support to purchase that home of your dreams. In general, rents are quite high in Spain, especially in the most popular areas. However, away from city or economic centers, prices remain affordable. You do want to register with a real estate agency. Note that agency fees of around one to two months' rent apply, so you better plan ahead. It can be quite difficult to find accommodation from abroad. In fact, most owners prefer to meet tenants in person before letting their property. At the same time, you should avoid signing a contract without visiting the premises first. Note: Many flats in Spain contain rooms without windows.This is normal, do check this up front with your estate agent. Find your dream apartment or house or beach house in Spain with the help of a real estate agent. Your start to find a local real estate agent that speaks your language is here with