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Welcome to Haarlem and my profile.
Buying, selling or renting a property in Haarlem or the surrounding areas? Take a deep breath. The housing market is a tough one to crack, prices went up a lot the past years. But nothing is impossible. Our sales and purchase numbers of Smit & Heinen Makelaars and Appraisers proofs our successes in this market.

I am a certified real estate agent (broker) and property appraiser as well managing director of our office in Haarlem. I think the housing market is the best working field for an agent out there. Our city is full of unique buildings and houses with a history.

Want to know more about my work, our services, the housing market or our office? Contact me.

I can help you with...

Real Estate Agent, Rental Agent / Letting Agent , Apartments, Buyers Agent, Commercial Properties, Houses, Property Appraisal

I help...

Expatriates, Home Owners, Local Residents, Nonlocal Residents, Property Investors

I speak...

English, Dutch

How We Work: Fees & Commissions

No clients' request is the same, so are our fees. So, please contact us for a price range in our fee structure. A few of our agency fees are the same as in the Haarlem property market. Most likely our pricing is just more appealing.

For buying or selling your property the agency fee varies between 1% and 1.5% of the selling/purchase price, depending on the price range. All our services and pricing are tailor-made for you:
Selling property: range 1.0 % - 1.5% (Incl. 21% V.A.T.)
Buying property: range 1.0 % - 1.5% (Incl. 21% V.A.T.)
To lease out property: 1 months' rent (Excl. 21% V.A.T.)
Home search assistance: 1 months' rent (Excl. 21% V.A.T.)
Property management: 5-6 % of the annual rent (Excl. V.A.T.)

Feel free to contact us, we look forward to meet you.