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Foreign exchange doesn’t have to be a hassle or a risk. Smart makes currency exchange simple. Whatever your reason for sending money overseas, we will help you to take control of your currency transfers.

Smart Currency Exchange is the UK’s fastest-growing foreign exchange specialist and currency provider, having transferred over £4 billion to date on behalf of their clients. For over a decade, they have helped thousands of clients save money on international transfers, thanks to their competitive exchange rates and expert currency guidance.
Whatever your reason for transferring money overseas, whether it’s for buying property abroad, sending payments for a mortgage, bills or a pension between countries, or even sending money to friends and family, Smart Currency Exchange offers an expert service to make sure your money gets to where you need it to be at a great rate, and with all the help you need.

They have a wealth of experience and particularly specialise in saving money on overseas property purchases. Smart customers enjoy the following benefits:
• Competitive exchange rates that could save you up to 4% compared to your local bank
• Expert currency guidance
• Dedicated account manager
• Safe, secure and FCA authorised services
• Low transfer fees

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How currency movements affect you
No-one can control exchange rates. They are affected by virtually any and all economic and political news. Anything from revised inflation forecasts to political machinations, from British house prices to an American President tweeting late at night, can shift the value of the currency you hold.

On some days, if you’re lucky, you could find the market rates have moved in your favour. On others, negative fluctuations could leave you out of pocket. If you’re transferring funds to buy property, just a 1% fluctuation could push that dream home well out of your budget.

We’re here to help you avoid the risks associated with the international currency markets, and to provide some certainty when it comes to your transfers. Every service we offer, from expert guidance and content, to granting access to the interbank exchange rates, is designed to minimise your risk of losing money.

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