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Moving to Romania as an expat? As one of Europe's biggest countries, Romania is very open and welcoming towards expatriates. As a friendly multicultural country, it holds a great natural wealth, rural traditions and folk culture. Romania is growing in popularity as an expat destination: foreigners come here for work and business opportunity’s. How to find accommodation in Romania? The best way of finding accommodation in Romania, especially if this is your first visit to the country, is to register with a real estate agency in the city you need accommodation. Local real estate agents or relocation agents advise and guide you during your housing search and assist you during related procedures. Of course you will be required to pay agency fees. Typically, this is an amount to a month's half or full rent. There are a lot of real estate agencies in Romania, and it is important to choose a trustworthy agent to collaborate with. A list of real estate agents and agencies in Romania can be found here at

Note: Romanian Labor Law for Expat Employees: Both foreign employers and employees in Romania often have to deal with complex employment issues which can become far more adventurous than expected due to the Romanian legal culture relating to employment. Read online and get some insights on what aspects foreign employers and employees should take into consideration when dealing with labor law issues in Romania.