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Relocating and moving to Norway as an expat? Living in Norway? Norway is known as one of the best countries to live in for expats. The process of moving to Norway begins with figuring out how to move, ship, and store your household goods. You can choose between air, road and sea transportation. If you are wondering how to rent a house in Norway, you might be surprised to learn that accommodation in Norway requires a large security deposit. Many expats are shocked to learn that landlords will require at least three months’ rent. A security deposit cannot exceed six months’ rent. The average rent in Norway is about 1100 EUROS with the most expensive city being Oslo. You can find cheaper rent on the outskirts of any city. Finding an apartment for rent in Norway major cities can get so expensive that, all things considered, it is easier and more affordable to take a mortgage and buy a house or an apartment. To buy a house or an apartment in Norway as a foreigner / expat, you will be glad to know that there are no restrictions for non-residents. You can buy a house or an apartment and even apply for a mortgage just like any Norwegian. You will be required to show your income and income tax returns as proof. Before relocating manage your budget versus the location. All of Norway is expensive, but cities like Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim are definitely more costly and yet, these places are where the most job opportunities are likely to be found. To find accommodation: There are various ways to find accommodation in Norway. Rental agents and real estate agents are the best starting point, either by meeting them in person to discuss your requirements, or browsing their available properties via their websites. There are plenty of options for you when searching for accommodation, from brand-new, modern apartments to more traditional houses. Housing can range from a studio apartment to a villa. It is helpful to work out your budget and what size of accommodation is required well in advance so that your estate agent knows what to do. To put more emphasis on using a local real estate agent or relocation adviser, your search for a local real estate agent that might even speak your language starts here on