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Moving to New Zealand as an expat or moving inside the country? Always ask for help of a local real estate agent. Besides that New Zealand is attracting many expats, many Kiwis are also moving back from abroad to start or expand their family in their home country. Kiwis value the way of life, and consider it an ideal place to raise their children. New Zealand has a high standard of living, economic freedom, and great education. This all makes New Zealand an attractive destination. The country is known for its wide open spaces with amazing landscapes. Even in the bigger cities, you won’t be too far from New Zealand’s iconic scenery. The population’s love and respect for their environment and the surrounding South Pacific Ocean are important aspects of their culture. Expats who are used to traffic jams are in for a pleasant surprise. Congestion is rare and generally limited to the biggest cities during rush hours. When you arrive in New Zealand, you might want to stay in temporary accommodation so you can explore the neighborhoods and get a feel for the different areas before you make a permanent decision. You can stay in a serviced apartment or a hotel. Most popular cities for expats are Wellington and Auckland. Renting property: The best ways to find rental housing in New Zealand is by contacting a real estate agent or letting agent. As an expat you have no clue about the processes. At first glance, rents may seem quite cheap, this is because property is advertised per week as opposed to per month. Buying property: The housing market itself is now the most in demand it's ever been. Due to this, housing prices are very high. Even if your home country currency offers a favorable exchange rate to the New Zealand Dollar, you still may need a mortgage in the current market. Apartments and townhouses are a bit cheaper options, but detached houses with gardens are very expensive. The real estate market is a tough one to crack for foreigners and expats, so make sure you have a local professional at your side. The terminology is different and so are the laws. To put more emphasis on using an agent, your search for a local real estate agent in New Zealand that might even speak your language starts here on