Craig Sewell - Mint360property

Craig Sewell is one of the founding directors of Mint360property and is one of Sydney’s leading experts in the real estate industry.

Craig manages the day to day operations of Mint360property and plays an active role in commercial and residential property management in Sydney. Craig Sewell’s geographical areas of speciality include Coogee, Randwick, South Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte, Kensington and Maroubra.

With years of extensive experience across the entire spectrum of the property industry, Craig Swell specialises in:

* Residential & Commercial Property Sales
* Project Sales
* Property Management
* Renovation and Value-Add Advisory
* Property Management and Real Estate Advisory

To date, Craig Sewell has amassed sales totalling almost A$1 billion and has served as Chairperson for the Real Estate Institute NSW (Eastern Suburbs Division) for ten years. Holding the record of the highest sale price of a residential property in Maroubra to date, as well as Mint360property always placing in the Top 5 Estate Agents on Domain and for Sydney, Craig has spoken at numerous conferences including the Australasian Residential Property Management (APRM) Conference.

Craig is an honest, reliable and transparent property expert; an innovative marketer, skilled communicator and astute negotiator.

With a passion for helping others, Craig Sewell and Mint360property sponsors the Coogee Minnows Surf Life Saving Club, the Coogee Public–Coogee Carnival, Coogee Seahorses Junior Rugby Club, Coogee White Tigers Scocer Club, Ronald McDonald House and , Mint360property held a fundraiser for ‘Youth Off The Streets’, raising over $50,000 to help young people who are homeless, drug dependent and recovering from abuse.

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Real Estate Agent, Rental Agent / Letting Agent , Residential Property Manager, Buyers Agent, Financial Services and Banking, Property Appraisal, Relocation Services, Short Term Rentals

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Expatriates, Home Owners, Local Residents, Nonlocal Residents, Property Investors

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Contact our property management team if you have any questions in regards to the properties for lease. You can count on us to give you the answers you need. We’d love to help you find your dream rental property, as well as help you settle into your new local area.

Buying / Selling and more:
Choosing a real estate agent is more like choosing a personal ‘representative’ in buying or selling your property.
The Internet has opened up a world of information that wasn’t previously available to home buyers and sellers. The data provided is not always as current as that which can be accessed by those among the Real Estate profession.

When you need to check on your health, you see the expert… a doctor. When you have something wrong with a tooth, you go to the expert… a Dentist so when it comes to property it only makes sense to speak to a Real Estate Agent and Property Expert. We'll discuss with you the pricing up front.