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Moving to Kuwait? Expats moving to Kuwait were once welcomed to the oil-rich emirate with open arms. However, in recent times, the government has begun to limit the number of foreigners living and working there, and lucrative relocation packages are far more difficult to come by. Dry, hot summers with some humid days may keep expats at home watching Netflix, but, if choosing to go out, every building is air-conditioned and there are a lot of indoor activities from which to choose. Expats wanting to do business in Kuwait must have a Kuwaiti partner or sponsor who will take 51 percent of the business, leaving 49 percent for the expat, even if the Kuwaiti partner does nothing to contribute. This is something you have to study on more. To find accommodation: There are various ways to find accommodation in Kuwait. Rental agents and real estate agents are the best starting point, either by meeting them in person to discuss your requirements, or browsing their available properties via their websites. There are plenty of options for you when searching for accommodation, from brand-new, modern apartments to more traditional houses. Housing can range from a studio apartment to a villa. It is helpful to work out your budget and what size of accommodation is required well in advance so that your agent knows what to do. To put more emphasis on using a local real estate agent or relocation adviser, your search for a local real estate agent that might even speak your language starts here on Housing Agent.