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About to relocate and move to Kazakhstan? Expats moving to Kazakhstan will encounter an ethnically and geographically diverse country with vast fossil fuel and mineral resources that is just beginning to make its mark on the world economic stage. The country’s entry into the world economic stage has opened up lucrative employment opportunities for expats teaching English. As the ninth biggest country in the world, Kazakhstan covers an enormous 2.69 million square kilometers, and much of that land is remote and uninhabited, so it is difficult to travel within the country. Astana and Almaty both have their own international airports, as does Atyrau in the west of Kazakhstan, and domestic flights are often the fastest option if you’re traveling. Air Astana is the largest airline and the only airline permitted to fly into Europe. To find accommodation: There are a few ways to find accommodation in Kazakhstan. Rental agents and real estate agents are by far the best starting point, either by meeting them in person to discuss your requirements, or browsing their available properties via their websites. There are good options for you when searching for accommodation, from brand-new, modern apartments to more traditional houses. Housing can range from a studio apartment to a very luxurious villa. It is helpful to work out your budget and what size of accommodation is required well in advance so that your local estate agent knows what to do. To put more emphasis on using a local real estate agent or relocation adviser, your search for a local real estate agent that might even speak your language starts here on Housing Agent.