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Are you moving to Osaka? Your search for an apartment or house in Osaka STARTS with finding the right real estate agent in the neighborhood where you want to end up. No property related transaction in Japan can be realized without a licensed broker. It is imperative that you find a professional you trust as this will determine what kind of real estate you will be able to bid on, for what price, and how smoothly the process will flow. At we have compiled a list of recommendations to increase your chances of finding the agent that will in turn find you the right property. 1. Choose the area, then the real estate agent as not every agent can cover all the wards and the areas beyond. 2. Choose a real estate agent you like and trust. 3. Study on the neighborhoods you want to live in. 4. Check the agents licenses and the website for more information. To put more emphasis on using a local real estate agent, your search for a local real estate agent that might even speak your language starts here on It's worth every penny.