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Moving to Italy? Or moving to San Marino? Italy is one of the most popular countries in Europe to move to, both historically and culturally. Being one of the Europe's biggest economies and one of the European Union's most densely populated and dynamic countries. Italy loves expats and expats love Italy. Most expats rent accommodation before committing to buy. Expats wishing to buy will need to have a valid residency permit. There are many different types of accommodations in Italy, but appartamenti (apartments) is the most common. An appartamento might be monolocale (studio), bilocale (two room apartment) or trilocale (three room apartment). Apartments are usually housed in large buildings or blocks of flats called palazzo. Other types of accommodation (less found in urban areas) include a casetta (small house), villa (detached house with garden), villino (detached cottage with garden), bifamilare (semi-detached house), and a viletta a schiera (terraced house). In rural areas, expats can also stay in Casa Padronale (country house). Real Estate Agents or Agencies are very useful and advised, particularly in viewing apartments and houses which have just come on the market, fees can be high and adding as much as 21% V.A.T. on to the price. But their service is worth it. Always meet the landlord in person before committing to anything, but this can make it difficult for expats who are still overseas. Try and secure accommodation ahead of your move, or find appropriate short-term rentals for the time being. Italy is generally perceived as a 'no restrictions to buy' country, there are some restrictions that expats may face. EU citizens are entitled to buy property in Italy, as they can elsewhere in Europe, but non-EU citizens must have a valid residency permit for Italy. To put more emphasis on using a local real estate agent anywhere in Italy, your search for a local real estate agent that might even speak your language starts here with