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Relocating to Dublin and need a house or an apartment? Located West of Great Britain, Ireland attracts expats in large numbers despite a relatively high cost of living. There is a high demand for housing in the city of Dublin, which means that rent prices are on the rise. There are many different types of accommodation you can choose from in Dublin. You have access to small studio apartments, single-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments, up to detached houses. Generally, when you get nearer to the center of the city the prices go up. In the suburbs, you will be more likely to find a multi-bedroom house with a garden, and neighbors which are semi-attached to your house. You can choose from older properties from the Victorian era all the way up to super modern apartment complexes. If you are looking to rent for the short term, there are many options for serviced apartments in Dublin city center. Dublin is one of the most expensive cities in Europe to live in. There is high demand for rental properties, which causes upward pressure on price levels. In terms of the average rental price for a property in Dublin, you will be looking at 2000 euros and up per month. Buying property in Dublin: For the priciest housing prices in Dublin, you will be looking at areas such as Clonskeagh, Donnybrook, Rathgar, Ranelagh, Glenageary and Blackrock. The most affordable area in Dublin is Balbriggan. This area is in the north of Dublin. The way of buying a property in Dublin depends on your level of income. You will need to have your deposit saved up in cash when approaching a bank to obtain a mortgage. Usually, this deposit will be 10% of the total value of the property you are looking to buy. At housing agent we have various estate agents in Dublin listed, as well relocation agencies in Dublin to help you out. For either renting or buying property in Dublin make sure you have a local real estate professional at your side. We cannot emphasize enough that using a local real estate agent is a must. Your search for a local real estate agent in Dublin that might even speak your language starts here on