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Are you moving to Ireland? Ireland is a very well developed country and a member of the European Union. Ireland is proud about its cultural and historical heritage. Located West of Great Britain, it attracts expatriates in large numbers even though it has a relatively high cost of living. Ireland has a wide range of accommodation available to suit any budget. Most places come furnished, including couches, tables, dressers and maybe a new mattress. During the final years of the Celtic Tiger, new residential and commercial property began developing all over the country. Now all these townhouses and properties are available, but no one can afford to buy them. Some of these properties have taken on the term 'ghost estates'. So if a price on a house seems a little too good to be true, there might be a reason, and it is important to do research on the area beforehand. If renting accommodation, expats should take a good look at the proximity of public transport as cheaper rentals tend to be farther from the city. If you have chosen to work or study in Ireland, you will benefit from several opportunities thanks to its multinational companies and great universities. Ireland’s size and location in the middle of the Atlantic cause frequent variation in weather conditions. It can be sunny, raining or a mixture of both at any point in the day. Although it rarely snows in Ireland, if expats are unprepared the weather can definitely be a shock, so it's important to come prepared to this country of extreme weather conditions. When it comes to housing and property, here we have selected top estate agents in Ireland. Your search for estate agents Ireland or letting agents Ireland starts here with