In the winter of 2013 i became a Real Estate Agent and together with 4 other partners, we opened i4 Housing in Wassenaar and neighboring cities. The company grew quickly during its first few years and very fortunate , it is now a well-established agency in the area known for its full service and customized value proposition.

Since then, we have experienced significant growth in both numbers of clients obtained and sales volume. This strong growth is mainly due to a business model, that provides a better Edge to Market and better Lead Generation.
As an individual, i am forward thinking and strongly believe that keeping up with change is of utmost importance in today’s digital age.

I can help you with…

Real Estate Agent, Rental Agent / Letting Agent , Residential Property Manager, Buying Agent, Mortgage Advisor, Property Valuation / Appraisal, Relocation Services, Serviced Apartments

I help…

Home Owner s, Local Residents, Nonlocal Residents, Property Investors, Relocating Expats

I speak…

English, Dutch, Spanish

How we work - fees & commission

The following standard fees are applicable but can be discussed, all depending on the demand:

- 8% including 21 % V.A.T. over the yearly rent 4RENT
- 8% including 21 % V.A.T. over the yearly rent 2RENT
- 1.5% including 21 % V.A.T. over the selling price 4SALE
- 1% including 21 % V.A.T. over the purchase price 2BUY
- € 650,- including 21 % V.A.T. for a certified valuation