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Moving to Guatemala as an expat and need accommodation? Will it be Guatemala City ? The population of Guatemala is approximately 15 million and the median age is 21, making it one of the youngest populations in Central America. Do you want to move to Antigua, Guatemala's safest city. There is a size-able expat population of well over 2000. There are various clubs and groups in the area offering camaraderie, activities and advise to newbies. You will see the natives walking around everywhere, especially at the huge local Mercado. The other cities to consider are : Cuidad Vieja, Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Quetzaltenango. There are plenty of options for you when searching for accommodation, from brand-new, modern apartments to more traditional houses. Housing can range from a studio apartment to a traditional villa. It is helpful to work out your budget and what size of accommodation is required well in advance so that your agent knows what to do. So why should you relocate to Guatemala? It’s affordable. A middle-class retirement can buy an improved lifestyle, with plenty left over to support your activities. You can attain a much higher standard of living on your social security, investments and retirement income. Proximity to the U.S. and Canada. Guatemala has direct flights to the U.S. with connections to Canada. No Big Brother Mentality. While there are laws and regulations, there is a strong common-sense attitude that does not allow a controlling big brother government mentality. Lifestyle. It’s not necessary to give up the material goods that you enjoy and brand items you prefer. To put more emphasis on using a local real estate agent or relocation adviser, your search for a local real estate agent in Guatemala that might even speak your language starts here on Housing Agent.