Gerrit Huisman

CEO and Founder @ GsAAS

5630 W Atlantic Avenue, 33484 Delray Beach

Gerrit Huisman(.com) is a property maintenance manager based right on the 'Ave' in All American village by the sea, Delray Beach, Florida.
Gerrit has built a solid foundation of residential clients foreign and domestic through his business G's All Around Services Inc.
He originally is from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He's speaks English, Dutch and German in a professional manner. His motto; There are NO problems, ONLY solutions always shows in his positive, 'glass-half-full' attitude.
Experienced in many facets of the real estate industry, he specializes in property maintenance & management and is your year-round Go-To guy. Welcoming expats and snowbirds.

I can help you with…

Residential Property Manager

I help…

Home Owner s, Local Residents, Nonlocal Residents, Property Investors, Relocating Expats

I speak…

English, Dutch, German

How we work - fees & commission

I apologize in advance! Due to a busy schedule, sometimes I cannot immediately answer your call. Feel free to setup our initial appointment through text or eMail. I will read and respond before the end of the next business day.
International callers (outside the US) can also contact me through WhatsApp / Viber.