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Welcome to my profile! We have founded as we believe that the local professional should be promoted in a more efficient way, and the people looking for them are currently lacking a way to find them easily. Think about people that move to the city you work in, or even someone that already lives there. Think about the possibility of you moving somewhere new or opening a new business. How will people easily find you? In today’s world it is more vital than ever to have an online presence as a person and as a professional. Potential clients are looking for you online, and it is not easy to stand out with so many links popping up on a web search. With a business profile on our platform, we lead potential clients to you.

The success of the directory Housing Agent resulted in promoting a variety of local professionals in other fields of expertise. Check out more directories on with more people staying at home, it is inevitable that they will be online, and there will be many people searching for your services. has all the features in a premium business profile that you need to stand out from the crowd. Your clients will be in direct contact with you by phone or contact forms, and web traffic goes to your own company website and your listings. All your social media links and your skills are in your profile. You do not need to list your services on too many expensive portals, as you have your own website already. Remember, people do business with real people. promotes local experts anywhere in the world.

What is Go To This Guy? is a robust, worldwide online platform showcasing selected professionals, mainly real estate agents, dentists, hygienists, veterinaries, notaries, lawyers, psychologists, therapists, and other professionals, to an audience of multilingual clients who are looking for you and your services. An unmatched portfolio of domain names covers the world and all professions. We’ll help you:

✅ Get more leads, more calls, more web traffic and more online exposure as a local expert;
✅ Become part of a worldwide network of verified local experts;
✅ Get a competitive, unique advantage based on your bio, professional skills, languages and fee structure;
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English, Dutch, German, Romanian

How We Work: Fees & Commissions

✅ Check out our pricing for a premium business profile + company page per city;
✅ Monthly: €14,99/month for one profile/city
✅ Annually: €120/year for one profile/city (€10/month)
✅ Free user profile is offered too, yet, 85% less direct traffic to your profile than with a premium one;
✅ For more than 5 profiles, request for a quote.

Profile requirements:
✅ Must write a full professional profile with picture and company logo;
✅ Write your unique content in English, detailed biography and how you work;
✅ Avoid duplicate content, better SEO results if you do not copy your LinkedIn profile;

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