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Liza Deikun

Community Manager @ MeetnGreetMe

MeetnGreetMe OÜ Liikuri 10 - 107 , 13618 Tallinn

DB Schenker

Relocation Services @ DB Schenker

33 Masurenallee , 47055 Duisburg

Joswig Bernhard Immobilien

Berlin-Falkenhagener Feld

Immobilien Company


Imacon GmbH Immobilien

Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg


Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Home Estate 360 GmbH


GBI AG Immobilien




Moving and relocating to Berlin as an expat? Berlin is a very popular expat destination. Not only does it hold a developed and prosperous economy, but it also offers a rich historical and artistic culture. Living in Berlin means finding accommodation which will be your top priority. Because it is such a large city, the city accommodates a wide range of accommodations and budgets. You should explore the different neighborhoods before you decide where to live. Each district is practically a city in its own. Twelve neighborhoods divide Berlin into districts. These include the historical center, the West, the government district. Each of these neighborhoods distinguishes itself by its unique architecture, restaurants, and places of interest. Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, and Mitte are among the most popular neighborhoods of Berlin. All three districts are located central. If you prefer a more quiet and more peaceful neighborhood, you are likely to appreciate Mitte, which has an abundant cultural and historical heritage thanks to its museums and memorials; as well as the Tiergarten where you can relax with your family. Stieglitz, which is close to the city center, also hosts shopping complexes, cafes, as well as many office buildings. Potsdamer Platz is a commercial and business district with huge futuristic shopping malls, shops, restaurants, bars and cafes.

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