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Find Real Estate Agents in Germany

Are you moving to Germany? Being the fifth largest economy in the world, Germany is Europe’s land of opportunity for skilled expats. In addition to high job security and a favorable work-life balance, expats are also thrilled with how safe the country is and with its high quality of medical care. Germany is particularly famous for its global car brands. Being one of the European Union's major economic pillars, this federal Republic provides many opportunities to expatriates. Renting property in Germany? Most expats decide on renting an apartment instead of buying one. Although this might be the more convenient solution when you have just arrived, there’s a lot you should know before renting an apartment in Germany. Buying property in Germany? Many expats who moved to Germany for good sooner or later decide on buying property in Germany. But buying property in Germany is a long-term investment and there is a lot you need to keep in mind. Relocating to Germany and to find your new house or apartment to rent or buy in Germany is a big challenge if you do not speak German. Germans call it immobilien or immo instead of real estate. Find English-speaking German real estate agents also known as makler or maklerin to make your move easy. Do apply for a residence permit. For an expat from outside the EU, a residence permit is usually issued for the purpose of employment or education in Germany. It is also possible to get one for joining a spouse or parent living in Germany. However, in the last case, this does not necessarily include permission to work in Germany. Your search for a local relocation agency or real estate agency in Germany starts here with If you want to read more about relocating to Germany, check out our blogs.