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Relocating as an expat to Tbilisi in Georgia? If your move to Georgia is work-based, then make sure to ask your employer about the best areas and the local property market. Many expats find it useful to rent a property and get a feel for the area before they commit to buying. Rents in Georgia are particularly varied. A one bedroom apartment in the center of Tbilisi is likely to cost upwards of around 300 US dollars per month, with apartments in some of the most desirable areas achieving 600 US dollars. A similar, small property outside of the city could be secured for around 250 US dollars per month. If you are moving a family or would like a spare room so that your guests don’t have to stay in hotels, then you will notice a significant jump in the rental prices. Three bedroom city center apartments cost around 750-1000 US dollars a month, and those outside the city are not that much cheaper. At housing agent we have various real estate brokers listed, as well all real estate agents in Tbilisi to help you out. For either renting or buying property in Tbilisi make sure you have a local real estate professional at your side. We cannot emphasize enough that using a local real estate agent is a must. Your search for a local real estate agent in Tbilisi that might even speak your language starts here on Housing Agent. Whether you are searching for an estate agent or property agent in Tbilisi, your search starts here with