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About Living in Orléans, France

Are you about to move to Orléans in France? Orléans is situated in the northwest of France, and is the capital of the Centre region of the country. It is located on the Loire River, which provides the city with beautiful scenery, as well as being a part of the Loire Valley. The city is known by its name as ‘la cité de Jeanne’ which translates to ‘The city of Joan’, in tribute to Joan of Arc, who liberated the city as part of the Siege of Orleans during the War. The city has a fantastic history and expats living in Orléans will be able to take advantage of attractions such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Orléans.

About Moving to Orleans

The city is a great location both in terms of scenery and culture, and expatriates moving to Orleans will find that the cost of living is lower than in many of the other major French cities such as Paris and Nice. Orleans has an oceanic climate which means that summers tend to be hot with plenty of sunshine whilst winters are much cooler. Getting around the city is easy for expats relocating to Orleans, with a number of bus routes operating in the city as well as two tram lines. The city is easily connected to other parts of France including Paris, Lille and others via rail or road.

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Expatriates working in Orleans will find that there are a number of opportunities across different industries. Whilst agriculture and horticulture have experienced a decline in the area in recent decades, these industries are still present. The most common form of employment nowadays, however, is in the services industry, and because of the city’s location of being roughly an hour away from Paris, it is an attractive center for businesses. Expats in Orleans who are seeking work will find that the healthcare, education, manufacturing and technology sectors are also major employers as well as a number of leisure and retail opportunities.

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