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France is a choice destination for expatriates mastering or wishing to learn the language. In addition to Paris, the capital of France, the country offers a variety of regions to settle in, each one having its special charms. Moving to France will require some planning and organization, but the effort will pay off. The country benefits from its central position in Europe, as well as its excellent transportation links to all neighboring countries and between French cities. While most expats move to France for business reasons, the country is also a popular destination for retirement. They settle in France because of its high quality of life, its social welfare policies, and its good healthcare system. Furnished or unfurnished, Paris or the countryside, there are many decisions you need to make when looking to rent an apartment in France. In France the apartment search can be quite challenging. In French cities and particularly among expats, it is common to rent. About 40% of the French population rent their apartment or house. Furnished apartments must be equipped with bedding, stove, oven or microwave, fridge and freezer, crockery, kitchen utensils, tables and seats, lighting, and other housekeeping equipment. Expats who only stay in France for a few months or who are looking for a short-term rental while they search for a permanent home, should look into holiday rentals. There is a strong holiday property market in France, including long-term rentals of up to three months. Most expats prefer to use real estate agents, which is advised. Agents have a good idea of the market and the average housing prices and will be able to explain details which might otherwise get lost in translation. When looking for a real estate agent, make sure that they are certified by a registered body such as FNAIM (Fédération de l’Immobilier), SNPI (Premier Syndicat Français de l’Immobilier), or UNPI (Union Nationale de la Propriété Immobilière). As many expats do not speak French and if you want to rent or buy property in France you need an estate agent that speaks your language. Select your (English) speaking estate agent here at