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Nick de Bruijn

The Hague

CEO @ Dutchify Relocation Services


Koninginnegracht 10, 2514 AA The Hague


Making connections and traveling have always been on the top of my list. I’ve traveled most parts of the world, conversed in many languages, encountered different cultures and associated myself with being a local in more than one country.

When you meet me you will find friends and business connections from every part of the world for which I have a unique story of how we met and how we keep finding each other. I am used to jetlags and my agenda is not based on a 9 to 5 working day. I simply had to adapt to the different time zones while living in Seoul, traveling to China and Japan or when going on a Holiday in Miami and you will find out I am available to take your call most of the times.

People describe me as a self-made man who is honest, direct, enthusiastic, professional and a natural born leader. My previous experiences in Sales and my education in International Business combined with my personality traits make me into the man I am today.

My best choice? Finally starting my own company Dutchify and becoming a business owner and entrepreneur. Where did Dutchify come from? Here is a small insight into our philosophy.

I experienced a lot of discomfort during my living abroad and traveling for a longer period of time. I was lost, had no help in the simplest things like opening a bank account. I still remember my application at Woori Bank in Korea, don't get me wrong - the bank was very helpful, it only took 3 hours to apply for a basic account just because I could not speak the language or know what documents to bring in the first place.

We solve just that with Dutchify, from simple applications to a full-service package with housing & transportation.

We believe in making a personal connection and solving the major issues by offering safety to the expat. Wanna give us a try? Feel free to contact me.

I can help you with…

Property Buying, Property Rentals / Lettings, Relocation Services, Serviced Apartments, Utility Services , Banking and Insurances, Concierge Services, International Moving Services, Mortgage Advisory

I help…

Expatriates, Freelancer / Business owners, Landlord / Property owners, Local residents

I speak…

English, Dutch, German, Korean, Spanish

How we work - fees & commission

We work for you and (or) your employer. Providing services - in housing, immigration, and visa application - in a professional manner that is dedicated to giving you the best life abroad.

We work with standard packages and charge a down payment upfront. Your full assignment is covered by our cancellation policy allowing a No cure No pay solution for the housing assignment.