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Marit Hoogendoorn

Relocation Specialist @ Dutchify

Koninginnegracht 10, 2514 AA The Hague

Hello, my name is Marit Hoogendoorn.
I have a strong passion for helping people in a personal way, because I’m a very social and caring person. A few other words to describe myself would be:
- Passionate. I’m a real go getter for everything I want (to reach).
- Helpful. I have a problem solving mentality, I don’t look at the problem but at the solution.
- Flexible/easy going. I don’t like to think in boxes, I don’t have a 9-5 mentality, and also I consider myself open minded.
- Honest. I believe that any kind of contact only leads to something if there is an open/honest mentality.

In 2017 I started a real estate education, I felt like my personality traits fits with being a real estate agent. I believe a home is one of the most personal aspects in live, cause it is supposed to be the place where people feel most comfortable, where they feel save, where they are completely themselves. A house is just a building, it is the feeling people get when they walk inside, and what they make of it, that makes it a home. So it can be challenging to help people finding that place, but I greatly enjoy getting to know a person, their needs and wants and then trying to find them a place they can call home.

In 2018 I got introduced into the relocation business by the owner of Dutchify. And that opened an even wider world for me. Through his personal experiences living abroad, he started a company with the goal of solving a problem that a lot of expats face, having to build a life in a new country without local knowledge. Dutchify aims to solve that by proving its customers with personalized service, considering their needs and wants providing a smooth, save and personalized relocation experience.This vision aligns greatly with my personal and professional views.

We offer packages that go from, simple applications to a full-service package with housing and transportation.
Interested in our services or more information? Give us a call!

I can help you with...

Rental Agent / Letting Agent , Buyers Agent, Immigration Services, Mortgage Advisor, Relocation Services, Serviced Apartments, Short Term Rentals

I help...

Expatriates, Home Owners, Local Residents, Nonlocal Residents

I speak...

English, Dutch

How We Work: Fees & Commissions

We work for you and (or) your employer. Providing services - in housing, immigration, and visa application - in a professional manner that is dedicated to giving you the best life abroad.

We work with standard packages and charge a downpayment upfront. Your full assignment is covered by our cancelation policy allowing a No cure No pay solution for the housing assignment.