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Dorenbos | Rasch Agency is an experienced broker based in Hilversum. We have over 10 years experience in the industry and provide a full service. Besides selling homes, we also offer full service search and several part services. We ensure that you will find a suitable home and guide you through the entire purchase process. We have an agile mindset and offer a fresh look at the housing market. Many clients have returned to the agency to use its services on multiple occasions. Both estate agents consider personal contact to be of the utmost importance! If our working methods appeal to you, please do not hesitate to contact us, or pop into our agency for an introductory chat with no obligation on your part.

I can help you with…

Property Buying, Property Rentals / Lettings, Property Selling, Property Valuation, Relocation Services, Mortgage Advisory

I help…

Expatriates, Freelancer / Business owners, Landlord / Property owners, Local residents

I speak…

English, Dutch, Spanish

How we work - fees & commission

Contact us for a quote on the following services:
- a valuation report of your property
- renting out your property
- home search
- selling your property
- expat relocation services