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For a truly global perspective on real estate, look no further than Summer Izkovich. Born in Taiwan, Summer has lived and worked all over the world, from Guam to Hawaii to Miami, before choosing to make New York her home. Her attention to detail and ability to connect with and listen to clients make her an amazing partner and advocate. Summer’s intimate market knowledge comes from years of living and working in various parts of the city, and she brings that insight to bear for her clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

“I am excellent at making people feel comfortable during their home purchase, sale or rental process. I love bringing a personal touch to my client interactions, and really engaging with so that they feel heard and cared for all the way to closing.”

When you work with Summer, you truly have a friend in the real estate business. Her passion for real estate is evident in the ways that she communicates with and cares for her clients. She brings great enthusiasm to her business, which makes people want to work with her again and again. What’s more, her international background allows her to work as effectively with clients from New York, and anywhere in the world.

Summer’s background in the hospitality industry fuels the service-centered way with which she approaches her real estate practice. She has worked in hotels and restaurants worldwide, as well as in New York City. Her transition to real estate is a result of her adoration for the city, and desire to continue challenging and reinventing herself. A resident of Greenpoint, Summer has also called Williamsburg and the Financial District home. She enjoys researching and reading about real estate investment all over the city, and is always on the lookout for the next best deal. Summer speaks Mandarin Chinese, understands Taiwanese, and is learning Hebrew.

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Rental Agent / Letting Agent

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Expatriates, Home Owners, Local Residents

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English, Chinese-Mandarin , Hebrew, Japanese, Taiwanese

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