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Relocating to Varna as an expat

Are you moving or relocating to Varna as an expat? As the third-largest city in Bulgaria, located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Varna is an attractive location for expatriates because of its strategic location, beautiful cultural ancestry and nature, and various career and education opportunities.

Background information

Historically known as Odessos, Varna is located in the Gulf of Varna – winters are soft and warm, while summers are sunny and hot. Transportation is well-developed, with different means of transportation like busses (from 0.50€ for city zones to 1.50€ for intercity locations), trains, ferryboats, and a large fleet of cheap taxis (around 0.40€/km). Moreover, there is an easily accessible airport just 10km away from the city center, which works with low-cost companies such as Wizz Air, as well as the flag carrier airline of Bulgaria – Bulgaria Air. In 2014, it was awarded the title of European Youth Capital 2017.

Expat Opportunities

Whether you are looking for higher education or job opportunities, Varna is very welcoming to expats. Economically, it is in the top three fastest-developing Bulgarian cities, with an unemployment rate as low as 3.5%. As the country’s maritime capital, most of its economy is based on services, with more than 60% of its revenue accumulated in trade and tourism. Other sectors like banking and real estate are growing exponentially. Many foreign companies like IBM, Adastra and Raiffeisen have offices there, meaning that there is a considerably large expat community for you to connect with. Moreover, Varna offers great higher education, with top universities like the Medical University of Varna, which provides students with meaningful knowledge and internationally recognized diplomas.


When it comes to entertainment, Varna provides its residents with numerous leisure activities and events throughout the whole year. There is, for example, the astonishing Sea Garden Park, many different seaside bars/restaurants, trendy shopping malls and an abundance of beaches in the vicinity of the city. Popular party destinations are Golden Sands and St. Constantin and Helena. Moreover, the cultural ancestry is rich, with many galleries and museums, like the Varna Archaeological Museum and the Naval Museum. The oldest gold treasure in the world (4600-4200 BC) was discovered in the Varna Necropolis.

Rental market

As dynamic and fast-growing as Varna is, there is always supply and demand of properties when it comes to buying. Prices per square kilometer vary between 400-1500€, depending on the location, while rental prices are as low as 200€/month for a one-bedroom apartment, depending on the neighbourhood. If you would like to live closer to the city center, you should be willing to pay 200-300€ more. The best neighbourhoods are Vladislav Varnenchik, Vazrazhdane, and the Greek Neighbourhood, as well as the center.

Important Expat Information

Bulgaria is a very attractive location to foreigners because of its beautiful nature and cheap standard of life, as well as the low personal income tax rate of only 10% flat, which is, for example, up to 32% lower than the personal income tax in Germany or The Netherlands. Moreover, as Varna is a very touristic location, connecting with other foreigners is easy. Although there is a language barrier, people are cheerful and open-minded, and are always ready to help with whatever they can.

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