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Are you moving or relocating to Sofia as an expat? Bulgaria’s capital and largest city is home to over 1.2 million people and is one of the oldest capitals in Europe. Artefacts and buildings from centuries ago are just a quick walk away in the city center, where you will find anything from ancient churches to breathtaking buildings & architecture.

Background information

Sofia is located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain – winters are cold and snowy, while summers are hot and sunny. Having a property that overlooks the mountain is something a lot of people look for, that’s why certain areas are more popular. Public Transportation is well-developed, there is a subway which recently expanded, multiple trams and buses. Sofia Airport is relatively close to the city and handles most of the county’s air traffic.

What Expats Do

A lot of big companies such as HP, SAP and Raiffeisen have offices in Sofia, which means that there are a lot of expats for you to connect with. Bulgaria is famous for its fast internet connection and cheap costs of living, which makes it perfect for people who can work on their computers.


Vitoshka is one of the most vibrant streets, where you will find a wide range of local restaurants and bars. Big shopping malls are very trendy, and there is always something new somewhere in town. Just recently, the first outdoor shipping container food park opened in Krastova Voda. Sight-seeing is also very common, with multiple popular destinations being relatively close, including the Rila Monastery and the ancient city of Plovdiv.

Rental market

With the city being as dynamic as it is, there is a lot of supply and demand when it comes to rentals. A one-bedroom apartment outside the city center will cost you approximately 300 EUR, depending on the neighborhood. If you wish to be closer to the center, you should be willing to pay around 400 EUR, although 500 would give you more choice. The best neighborhoods to live in are Iztok (East), Oborishte, Lozenetz and Yavorov. Family-friendly options that are further away from the popular areas include Boyana, Dragalevtzi and Simeonovo. Buying a property in Sofia is very attractive, since it’s significantly cheaper than other European capitals. The average price for square meter in the city center is 1,643.18 EUR, which is almost 80% less than Amsterdam, for example.

Important Expat Information

There are various international schools in Sofia, such as Zlatarski and Saint George. Most embassies in Bulgaria are located in the capital, which makes connecting with other internationals relatively easy. Although the language barrier exists, Sofia is a very touristic place and almost every shop has signs in English, whereas it is not uncommon for restaurants to have their menus translated to many languages. The personal income tax rate of Bulgaria is a flat 10%, which makes the country very attractive to foreigners.

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