Sherwin Lundall - Brussels Rentals

I am Brussels
I am the spectacular hillside sunsets.
I am the easy conversation at coffee shops.
I am the sommelier at fine dining restaurants.
I am the vibrant colors of the annual Garden Show
I am the thunderous war cry of Brussels

I am Brussels Agent, Sherwin Lundall.

Hello, I’m Sherwin Lundall and I have been with Brussels Rentals since the beginning of 2016. I specialize in residential property and work throughout Brussels. When I’m not doing that I enjoy being active at the swimming pool or in the gym. We would love to do business with you. Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can assist you with your property needs.

I have always had a passion for people and as a property broker I get to interact and work with tenants and Landlords on a daily basis. Connecting people with the right house is very fulfilling and I am extremely passionate about my job. Every client and property is different from the previous one and provides new exciting challenges daily. I love the people I work with and strive to always do what’s best for my clients.

I am an honest, reliable, professional and hardworking individual. I always take in mind that I not only represent myself as an agent but my great company as well. Give us a call and let’s have a chat about your property requirements.

I can help you with...

Rental Agent / Letting Agent

I help...

Expatriates, Home Owners, Local Residents, Nonlocal Residents

I speak...

English, Afrikaans, Dutch, Xhosa, Zulu

How We Work: Fees & Commissions

Letting Fee
We charge 8% over the first 12 months plus 21% VAT. Should the rental period be shorter than 12 months, you are only obliged to pay 8% over the number of months rented. Should a tenant depart earlier using the diplomatic clause, we will settle any outstanding compensation over the remaining period with the new rental agreement You do not pay for advertising or other charges related to renting your property.


Management Fee
Renting out a property is easier said than done and should be taken very seriously. Experience, expertise and market knowledge are crucial for maintaining quality rentals. Amsterdam Rentals property management unburdens you of the many tasks involved in the renting process. We can provide you with the most suitable property management plan at a cost of 10% of the monthly rental income, excl. 21% VAT and are happy to discuss this with you in person at your convenience.