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A-bit-longer version: once you sign-up with us, either with a premium or a free profile, we help you stand-out among your peers and make sure people around you know you, your professional background, and the services you provide.

The "go-to guy"

Have you ever been in a situation when someone is looking for a service provider and another person says: "Oh, I know a guy that can help!"? We are the "go-to guys" for everyone else. We are the professionals to whom people turn to when looking for a service. It doesn't matter which gender you belong to or identify with: the "go-to guy" is genderless. The "go-to guy" is every person that can provide one of the services we promote. We tell people "I know a guy" because we know you. You will be registered in our platforms, which are the "go-to" platforms for whoever is looking for our services.

Why do we exist?

In a fast-paced world like the one we live in these days, clients come and go as people are constantly moving around and looking for new providers for what they need. Now more than ever, it is crucial to have a solid profile online and make sure it shows among the first results of an online search. 81% of people worldwide search online for a service, whether a real estate agent to help them find a new place in a new city, a veterinarian for their pet, a general practitioner to register with, among so many other essential services.

Most businesses these days have their usual customers, but the number of "usuals" has been rapidly decreasing for the past years. People get new jobs outside their cities of origin, often outside their countries of origin even, and resort to the internet for help in the process. Here's some relevant data that shows this:

  • According to the United Nations, around 200.000 people worldwide moved from rural areas to urban areas a day in 2017
  • About 258 million people, or 1 in every 30, were living outside their country of birth in 2017
  • In 2018, 4.5 million people moved within the European Union (EU) or from another country to a EU Member State

Multiple studies from the past year indicate that the pandemic has motivated several people to move cities or countries, whether alone or together with their families. Even though it is too soon to tell exactly how Covid-19 impacted people’s lives in what comes to moving around, truth is a lot of people still crossed city or country borders during the pandemic, and chances are even more will as soon as the Covid-19 situation is under control.

How can we help you?

We will make sure you get top-ranked in search engines by helping you improve your SEO, and we'll do this by sharing your profile, your professional accomplishments, and your key assets and skills. We will make sure people around you know you, your background, and the languages you speak, so they know they are about to do business with a real person and not just a faceless entity on a screen. People do business with real people and it's fundamental that whoever is looking for your services has a connection with you, sees you in a picture, knows you exist, so they can trust you enough to message you and enquire about what they are looking for.

Which professions do we cover?

We currently have 10 directories and cover multiple professions within them:

We are present in 37 countries in Europe. On our oldest platform, Housing Agent, we cover 115 countries and 600 cities.

Couldn't find your profession/city on the list?

Drop us a line if we are missing your field of expertise and/or the city where you live, so we can change that. This is where you can find us: