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At HOUSING AGENT we promote real estate agents, worldwide. We are a global platform of all kinds of real estate professionals and relocation professionals dedicated to delivering expats a stress-free moving experience.

What is HOUSING AGENT? HOUSING AGENT is a robust, worldwide online platform showcasing select real estate- and relocation professionals dedicated to serving the unique needs of the global expat community. It doesn’t matter where you relocate to and what domain names you use, you will always be in the right country or city page in the HOUSING AGENT environment.

At HOUSING AGENT we understand what expats go through relocating from one country to another. The customer journey of an expat is different than a local who is relocating. Before the home finding process starts back home, an expat is seeking trust before travelling to a new destination and signing a lease for a house in a country where they have no knowledge of the rules and regulations, laws, neighborhoods, schools, language and culture. Professional real estate agents and relocation agents make that difference. With HOUSING AGENT you can select your agent based on their location, expertise, skills, pricing and language(s) spoken. The expats journey of settling-in to a new country will be a stress-free experience.