A Quick Guide for your Berlin Relocation

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Are you about to relocate and move to Berlin? Berlin is considered a magnet for expats. Berlin is a large city with 3.5 million citizens. When you are about to move to this city, it will be quite difficult to find the neighborhood that suits all your needs. For this reason, it is advised at all times to hire your own local real estate agent or relocation officer who can show you Berlins’ neighborhoods, best areas and districts. The rental price per square meter per month in Berlin vary from € 12- € 20 /m2/month. So, you do the math in your house hunting, the closer to 12 the better your deal, but for upscale property, be prepared to pay the price.

When relocating to Berlin, you have to decide whether you want to live in a green zone or whether you want to be in the city and party zone? Here are some districts that might be of your interest.

District of ‘Mitte’ ‘Mitte’ as this district is called in short means ‘center’, located in the heart of Berlin and is the administrative district and historical center of the city. It consists partly of the former East Berlin and is relatively densely populated with 400,000 inhabitants. Berlin Mitte is a tourist magnet due to its typical sightseeing locations, from the Brandenburger Tor to Alexanderplatz, all the way to the boulevard ‘Unter den Linden’. This residential area is the most central and has the most expensive real estate prices in Berlin. On average, a rented apartment costs 16.50 €/m²/month. So, to commute is low in private time or on your way to work. Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz, Friedrichstraße and Rudi-Dutschke-Straße form the economic core of this metropole. Popular residential areas are near the Hackescher Markt, Torstraße and Rosenthaler Platz.

Kreuzberg Kreuzberg unites multiculturalism and life. Kreuzberg is a central location in Berlin. The district is known for its buzz and nightlife. Every year residents, traders and citizens initiatives organize the street festival ‘MyFest’, a multicultural event. The population in Kreuzberg is made up of about 30% of migrants. More than 180 nationalities co-exist mainly peacefully. Living in Kreuzberg is less expensive than Berlin Mitte. Average costs 14.50 €/m²/month.

Friedrichshain Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg make up the second administrative district of Berlin. Friedrichshain is now a trendy place. The locals are very engaged in politics. The district is also called ‘homely neighborhood’. The very animated lifestyle and apartments within a big price range have attracted the younger generation in particular and young expats. The areas with old buildings are popular for families. Lots of young families reside here. It is considered a good neighborhood for parents since daycare centers and schools enjoy a very good reputation. A range of playgrounds and youth facilities are available, offering a variety of activities for children. Average costs 14.00 €/m²/month for rental properties.

Neukölln The neighborhood attracts mainly artists and creative people. This is because of the cheap rents and the variety of idyllic places in Neukölln. In some areas there is almost a rural flair, with historic half-timbered houses and pretty gardens. The North continues to develop positively. The old buildings are considered trendy residential areas and young people enjoy the buzz and nightlife of Neukölln. Average costs 12.00 €/m²/month for rental properties in Berlin Neukölln.

Prenzlauer Berg The Prenzlauer Berg is a great residential area. The beautiful old buildings attracts many locals and expats, therefore it is the most densely populated neighborhood in Berlin. Over 300 buildings are classified as historical monuments, the oldest goes back to 1848. The population is very young compared to other parts of Berlin, the educational level of residents is high. The Prenzlauer Berg is known for its many leisure activities. Average costs 14.50 €/m²/month for rental properties in Prenzlauer Berg.