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Here is an example of an adaptive real estate agent. He took the part "How we work - fees and commission" very serious. And for that we thank him.

Estate and lettings agents have shown great resilience through some challenging market conditions, but COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation and so we want to offer support, particularly around cash flow issues. Cash flow may become a challenge for agents and agencies until activity picks up again and transactions work their way through to completion.

Housing Agent wants to help those agents/agencies who will face tough times by giving them a FREE premium business profile on Housing Agent for 1 year. Till April 19th 2020 all agents that PM us with their company e-mail address will receive a personal invitation to create a profile on Housing Agent. We need to cap at 3000 Freemium profiles.

You will SAVE:

✅ € 600 p/y per profile and get a Company page and 1 Premium profile/ city;

✅ No contract and no obligations for next year. Easy opt out.

WHAT HousingAgent.com IS DOING…

• Branch hours are now open from 10am to 4pm to avoid staff travelling at peak times

• Support members that are able to work from home are doing so

• We review all new profiles before listing online, no telephone interviews anymore


• When creating your FREE premium business profile you can save us a lot of time by creating a blast of a profile, no spelling mistakes, do not use duplicate content:

Profile requirements:

✅ Must write a full professional profile with a picture and company logo;

✅ Write your content in English, detailed biography and how you work and what you charge;

✅ Housing Agent has the right not to publish profiles;

During these unprecedented times, it’s important to stick together to help to slow the spread and impact of this virus. We are all human and we are all trying to help each other. Be kind, be safe, check on vulnerable neighbors, real estate agents and your local shops.

Team HousingAgent.com