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Lead Qualification is Important

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While it is great to have more prospects contact you and increase your client base, what’s the point if they’re not converting? This is where lead qualification plays an important role.

In real estate, lead qualification is a systematic process that involves gathering information about your leads to evaluate whether they are ready, able and willing to rent, lease out, buy or sell.

Real Estate Lead Qualification

Only after you’ve qualified someone can you really know how much time and effort to invest in the prospect.

Lead Profiles and Qualifying Tips

Identify what makes an ideal client for you and who you want to be working with in terms of demographics, values, needs and priorities. Creating an ideal profile is a great exercise to do before you set out to qualify real estate leads. You will save yourself hours of frustration and effort.

Let’s take a look at some factors and questions that successful real estate agents might ask to accurately qualify their real estate leads, accelerate their sales cycle and close more deals.

1. Location – Try to get information about the exact property your lead is interested in and how open your lead is to consider similar properties in different neighborhoods or cities. Ask your clients how well they know the market. The more informed your lead is, the more prepared they are to move forward with a transaction.

2. Motivation – Asking about the client’s motivation will indicate the timeline your lead has in mind. Some reasons they may give: they are first-time buyers, upsizing or downsizing, retiring, investing or relocating expats or changing jobs. This will also help you to match the right property to the client based on their wants and needs.

If they respond with: “No problem, we will stay where we are,” it means you may classify them as a buyer or seller on the ‘cool’ side. “We need to move, we don’t have enough space,” it means you have a motivated, ‘hot’ lead.

3. Budget – This is a big indicator of qualifying leads in real estate. You’ll need to know how much your lead can afford and how much they are willing to spend. You don’t want to waste time presenting properties to real estate leads only to find out they exceed the lead’s price range.

4. Pre-Approval – After discussing the budget, it is a natural transition to ask about mortgage pre-approval. Cash buyers are great, but the majority of buyers require some form of financing for their purchase. If your real estate buyer lead is pre-approved, this tells you that they are serious about buying. With renters it is much easier to qualify them, budget too low, kindly inform them that you cannot help them.

5. Home & Lifestyle – If your leads give you detailed information about what they have in mind for their ideal home, (including the type of property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, etc.) this makes your job of matching them up with the right property much easier.

Don’t worry about getting every last detail of information at the qualifying stage of your sales cycle, your goal here, is to see if leads are motivated, realistic and can be converted into clients quickly.

Our listed agents who disregarded some of their leads, they did so because the email address looked suspicious, the content of the email message looks suspicious or they had been provided with incomplete contact information.

HousingAgent.com is doing what it can to ensure that viable leads are getting through to you. Our system is equipped with an anti-spam tool (Captcha) that filters out many spam emails every day, although it is impossible to filter them all. Black-listed IP addresses, e-mails and domain names are deleted before being sent your way.

Some lead inquiries are created through our marketing efforts. These leads you will recognize because the contact form is sent by our platform and has a logo and our contacts in it. Leads that calls you will be soon upgraded with a call-whisperer mentioning "Housing Agent".

Since 2020 has surprised us with Covid-19, every market, in every corner of the globe has been affected. Asking the right questions is truly one of the keys that every real estate agent needs to do to connect with leads. We will get those leads to you!

But, make sure that those who need you can find you! Create your Housing Agent profile today, and be sure to read up on what you should include in your Housing Agent profile in order to be found.