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Do you stand out from the crowd?

In a sea of anonymous properties listed on the handful of sites online. Agents need to have an online presence, in the current climate, this is going to be more important than ever. What can you do to stand out?

The answer is simple — be human. Your life experiences and your ability to connect with buyers in a positive and empathetic way are just as important as what’s in your portfolio, and here at Housing Agent, we want to put your unique skills up front so that our clients can find what they’re really looking for: you! is an online resource that lets potential clients find the right agent for them. We give you a platform where you can sell yourself and be seen by the people who really need to see you all over the world. Our website lets you enter your specializations, languages spoken, professional background, and then gives you global exposure to clients looking to relocate to your area.

A fresh approach to doing good business

Maybe it seems old-fashioned to match clients to agents, rather than to houses, but we are firm believers in the human side of real estate. The life-changing aspects of buying a house haven’t stopped existing just because we can do online walkthroughs — customer service is still the most important part of any deal. Because it’s you who has that special inside knowledge to the needs of the local communities, or understands just what locals, expats or students want. And if you’re an expert in finding what your client needs — from short-term stays to helping them apply for mortgages — we’re absolutely confident that you’ll find them just the house they need. Developing an honest and trusting relationship with your client is what closes deals and brings satisfaction to their lives and yours. At Housing Agent, we encourage professionals experienced in long-term, short stay, and serviced apartments, real estate brokers, mortgage advisors, moving companies, furniture lease and property managers to apply to our network, as well as national and international relocation specialists and housing service specialists.

What is Housing Agent?

Housing Agent is a robust, worldwide online platform showcasing select real estate- and relocation professionals dedicated to serving the unique needs of the global expat community. An unmatched portfolio of Housing Agent(s) domain names covers 115 countries and over 600+ cities. This helps to ensure consistency of brand and assurance of our commitment to providing you and the relocating expats with unparalleled service. Housing Agent is part of, a portal with local professionals worldwide.

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✅ Must write a full professional profile with picture and company logo;

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You can call us on +3120-7723915 or Skype: is an independent directory of real estate agents, letting agents, moving services and household management services. If you’re looking to buy or rent a house, we list specialists in long and short term accommodations, serviced apartments, and property management, as well as real estate brokers, property managers and mortgage advisors. We also cover secondary areas in the housing industry, such as relocation and household management services, furniture rentals, moving companies and property photographers. is promoting estate agents on a global scale to relocating expats and locals. For the past years we have successfully promoted agents’ business profiles as well as their company profiles to an audience of relocating expats and locals