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For International Agents

Housing Agent (also know as Fángwū dàilǐ 房屋代理) lists agents around the world with personal and business profiles who provides a full range of services to help overseas clients.

We also get you through the right social channels, and provide the research and statistics to tailor your strategy to reach today’s massive audience of Chinese overseas property buyers.

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Exclusive Audience Access exclusive audience of millions high-net-worth Chinese consumers. This audience has the means and desire to invest in international property. This simple-to-use English language portal is your gateway to China, Professional Translation Behind China’s Great Firewall Websites not hosted in China can be blocked or experience page load times of over 2 minutes Chinese Consumer Support Centre Strength of Partnerships Sign up to learn more.

For Chinese Consumers is an international platform – hosted outside of China, translated automatically in Chinese.

Chinese consumers get instant access to international property listings, language and search tools, as well as relevant research and information they need to make informed decisions about overseas property purchases. View – Agents and Property Search

Largest Selection of International Real Estate Agents We offer over 600 cities with agents and their listings covering 115 countries, giving Chinese buyers the most comprehensive collection of overseas property agents to work with.

Multiple Channels of Access A range of channels – including social, mobile and offline events – allows Chinese buyers to conveniently access international properties and the support they need, anytime, anywhere. Chinese Language Website Less than 10% of Mainland Chinese speaks English, and those who do still prefer to consume information in their native language. translates to Chinese. Market Analysis, News and Editorial Our editorial team publishes reports, research and news articles to give Chinese consumers the knowledge they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Chinese Consumer Support Centre